EAPA Chesapeake Chapter is proud to support the EA Archive, 

a treasure trove of information, including current information related to COVID-19 and racial justice.

What is the EA Archive?

The three pillars of the EA Archive are: 

  • Discover
  • Support
  • Submit

“As a response to multiple requests from the field, the International Employee Assistance Digital Archive, School of Social Work Collection, was created in 2013. This free, permanent, publicly accessible online site allows professionals to post and read original works, historical documents and other materials related to the EAP field.

 ...The Archive was founded by Drs. Jodi Jacobson Frey and Patricia Herlihy in collaboration with the University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library faculty librarians Na Lin and María Pinkas, MSW graduates Lauren Bloom and Myat Nyunt, and MSW students Micah Saviet and Alaina Kahn. The intent of the Archive is to preserve important documents in, and directly related to, the EAP field as well as to provide a global repository for significant publications and presentations.”

How Does the Archive assist EA and other 

professionals with information and best practices 

related to the current pandemic of COVID-19 and 

racial justice issues in the workplace?

As our world continues to suffer from two pandemics – COVID-19 and Racism, we here at the EA Archive continue to curate research and examples of best practices to inform and challenge our field to continuously work toward improving our workplaces to be a more safe and just place.

What is included in the Archive?

The Archive accepts EAP-focused (or strongly related to EAP) original manuscripts, publications, presentations, and multimedia materials (e.g. audio and visual), pending copyright approval. Accepted materials must have a significant focus on historical or current EAP topics, including, but not limited to: occupational alcoholism programs, occupational health, workplace social work, occupational nursing, and other programs closely related to EAPs.

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